Our philosophy is to listen to dealers and quickly transition their ideas into functionality. This practice drives our success and makes Dealer Choice Systems the best software tool available to manage your dealership.

We strive to be the industry leader as well as a valued business partner by providing a robust technology solution that will increase the efficiency of the entire industry.


Dealer Choice provides a complete, inexpensive, easy to use business software tool that allows furniture dealerships to operate significantly more efficiently. Our Web-based program makes business more efficient and less costly. Within this application, discounting is managed, proposals created, customers billed, punch items ordered, and a robust accounting module ties the entire process together.

Convenience & Simplicity

Being web-based, your employees can access your site and do business from any location where they have a computer and internet access. This gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere.

The intuitive nature of Dealer Choice makes the workflow process fast, straightforward and uncomplicated. This is a benefit not only in day to day operations, but also when it comes to educating new employees about the software.

Lower Operating Costs

Dealer Choice gives you a product with superior quality that is far less expensive than current software applications for this industry.

Features such as our discounting database and proposal finalization process make sure that all costs are captured on a proposal and are accurate.

There are no additional hardware or software requirements. Computer management costs decrease by taking the software off the desktop.

Your dealership will reduce overhead expenses by increasing productivity and reducing man hours from the proposal preparation process, computer support, software maintenance and installation and design.

The built in email and fax engines save money on paper, ink and postage. Dealer Choice provides unlimited technical support and all software updates are included at no additional charge.

Engineering Efficiency

Dealer Choice promotes a seamless workflow and quick, easy communication. Data is filtered so you see only the information that is relevant. Dealer Choice helps your dealership become more efficient and productive.


Our software was developed to meet the needs of the contract furniture industry and to make business simple and more efficient. Using cutting edge technology, we developed a flexible and easy to use business tool. Dealer Choice manages every aspect of your dealership from start to finish. This software will revolutionize the way your company does business. We urge you to discover the many features and benefits unique to our application.

Streamlined Workflow

Our software touches every detail and intuitively guides you through the project cycle. Working the software interface from left to right, the user is taken step by step through the proposal process. Everything in the software is tied to a proposal making it easy to reference any related information. Dealer Choice naturally guides the project along, encouraging and facilitating communication through all steps of the sales process including: managing design, placing orders, receiving acknowledgements, incorporating project management, punch lists, generating invoices, and tracking payables and receivables.

Proposal Finalization Process

Dealer Choice coined the term “proposal finalization”, which refers to an electronic proofreading step of the proposal process. The proposal is scanned for incomplete specifications, discounting discrepancies and missing shipping and installation addresses. It also applies tiered/volume discounting, freight fees, small order and call before delivery charges. This process also allows you to combine open market and direct bill orders within the same proposal. A proposal cannot be emailed, printed or faxed until undergoing a last check via the finalization process. This ensures that each proposal is clean and accurate before it is placed in the hands of your customers.


Our accounting module is designed to be easily understood and navigated. We have a fully detailed audit trail that ensures accountability. We made sure the aspects of accounting manage themselves. Dealer Choice will lay out your organization’s period configurations according to your fiscal calendar. Multiple periods can be open at a given time. Our permissions system prevents transactions from occurring in a closed period unless the user has permission to do so. Our default chart of accounts allows you to begin using Dealer Choice immediately. Accounts can be created (and in many cases imported from your current accounting system), renamed and renumbered. All transactions are posted in real-time, eliminating the need for batch posting. Our reporting system displays the most up to date and accurate financial information.

Project Management & Installation

This module has features including an installation and delivery calendar providing tools to schedule and manage the resources required for each project. It also allows them to create, edit and send work orders to the salesperson and upload images of damaged product to the proposal file vault.


By submitting a design request, this module initiates the sales-design interaction. Design work and billable hours can be tracked throughout the project allowing your dealership to maximize the profitability potential of your design department.

Project Status Report

The project status report is automatically populated when purchase orders are created. It is updated automatically as purchase orders are created and acknowledgement data is entered. This feature allows the progress of a project to be easily tracked.

Proposal File Vault

The file vault is a location where all proposal-related documents, such as drawings, key charts and bills of material can be stored. Documents can be uploaded, downloaded or deleted. Files in the file vault can also be included as attachments to email and faxes sent from Dealer Choice.

Communications Terminal

Integrated email and fax capabilities give you the option to send proposals, invoices, or purchase orders without having to leave your desk.

User Permissions

Tailor your site’s user permissions to allow personnel access to only the information that pertains to them. This keeps the user interface clear of non-accessible functions.

Flexible and Customized Reporting

Build, save and even share a variety of reports based on the needs of each department. At your fingertips, you can view in real-time the information that is your dealership.

Service & Punch

Service work and follow through on project punch list items are handled in this module. This clean approach allows focus and tracking of service and punch to be contained within the originating proposal.

Automated Customer and Vendor Discounting

Our discounting system can automatically apply discounts to proposals. Standard and volume discounts are entered into the discount database and then can be applied to the line items automatically when creating a proposal. Each discount entry requires an expiration date so that expired discounts cannot be used. Other rules, such as freight fees, call before delivery charges and fuel surcharges, can be customized to automatically apply as well. This eliminates discounting errors and allows dealerships to capture costs that otherwise may be forgotten or ignored.

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