What do I get when I purchase the software?
Dealer Choice Systems is a web based service application. You don’t buy the software, you buy a subscription to have a dedicated website built for you and to access the software.

How do I access the software?
As a web-based application you open your web browser (IE v 10 or higher, Chrome or Safari) and enter your Dealer Choice website address customized for your dealership.

Will I need to purchase any additional software?
No. Each licensed computer needs a PDF viewer and a browser (available for download for free from their respective manufacturers)

Do I have to set up a website to use the software?
No. Dealer Choice does this for you.

Where will my company’s data be stored?
Your data will be stored within the Dealer Choice secured data network.

How will I enter my current customer and vendor database into Dealer Choice?
In most cases we can import your current customer and vendor data directly into the Dealer Choice software.

Will I receive new software releases?
Yes. Your site will be updated with all future maintenance releases at no additional cost.

Can I preview the software before I purchase it?
Yes, simply fill out the contact form on this website for a demo where we will explain the features of Dealer Choice and you can see the software in action.


How much will I pay for my Dealer Choice subscription?
Pricing is determined by the number of software users. You pay a monthly seat license fee per user. Billing is handled through a monthly subscription fee.

Will I be charged a set up fee?
Yes. Similar to the subscription fee, your set up fee is based on the number of users. The set up fee is a one-time charge.

Is there a fee associated with Dealer Choice storing my information?
No. There is no charge for storing your database.

Will using Dealer Choice save me money?
Yes. Dealer Choice delivers a product with superior quality at a lower cost than current industry software applications. There are no additional hardware requirements. Computer management costs decrease as software moves from the desktop to a web-based application. Your dealership will reduce overhead expenses by increasing productivity and reducing man hours from order processing, computer support, installation and design. Features such as an automated discounting tool and a proposal proofreading process are included to make sure that all costs are captured and accurate. Documents are sent via email and fax, saving you money on paper, ink and postage.

What if I need help?
Dealer Choice offers you unlimited customer support via phone and email at no additional charge.


Is there a way to sort the proposal list?
Yes. You can sort proposals by proposal number, salesperson name, customer, active and inactive (archived after a period of time) status and several other sort features.

Who has access to proposals?
Multiple users can access the same proposal simultaneously. There is a notification feature which announces that another person has the proposal open. This gives the option for a user to close out so that others can input or update the proposal.

How do vendor pricing discounts work?
Standard and special discounts are entered into the system. When proposals are created the appropriate discount can be applied. Even volume or tiered discounts can be input and applied.

Is there an expiration date on proposals?
Proposals automatically archive after 30 days or per a time period of your choosing. The proposal is still accessible but hidden from the general view.

What is the File Vault?
The file vault is a unique feature that allows you to upload a variety of useful information (i.e. Drawings, key charts, pictures) pertaining to a specific proposal. These files remain permanently attached for future reference.

What is proposal finalization?
Coined by Dealer Choice, finalization is the term used to describe the proofreading step. This step scans the proposal for incomplete specifications, missing shipping locations and install addresses. It also applies tiered/ volume discounting, freight fees, small order and call before delivery charges. Finally, this step allows you to combine open market and direct bill orders within the same proposal. A proposal cannot be emailed, printed or faxed until undergoing the finalization process. This ensures that each proposal is clean and accurate before it is placed in the hands of the customer.


How can I tell what Purchase Orders have been generated?
The Project Status report, updated in real time as purchase orders are generated lists multiple details of your projects. The status report also has a variety of customizable sort options similar to the proposal sort options. We also have a Purchase Order report as well.

Can I send a Purchase Order by fax or email?
Yes. You can email or fax documents directly from Dealer Choice.


Does Dealer Choice include service/installation as part of the software?
Yes. Installation information is captured in the proposal. If project management services are required, notifications can be generated and forwarded directly to the install contact person in your company from the proposal.

Is there any way to check for available delivery or install dates?
Yes. Project Management will operate a schedule within the software to schedule and manage resources required for every project or service work. Other users may view this tool to see openings in the schedule.

How does the project management or installation department know when to expect deliveries?
Delivery Tickets are issued and emailed or faxed within the software. Purchasing/Sales support can attach delivery tickets when cutting and forwarding Purchase Orders for installation services.
Also, the project status report will update in real time when acknowledgments and ship dates are received.


Does the software provide batch or real-time posting?
The system operates in real time. Information is posted to the general ledger as it is entered into Dealer Choice.

Can more than one accounting period be open at one time?
Yes. Various periods can be opened (or closed) simultaneously in consecutive order.

Does the accounting system provide a complete audit trail?
Yes. All transactions are traced back to the source entry.

Are the individual Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions linked to the general ledger?
Yes. All entries are linked and updated in real time.

Is there a payroll module?
No. Payroll data is entered through manual general journal entries.

Is there a fixed asset module?
No. Fixed asset data is entered through manual general journal entries.

Can customer and vendor invoice dates be entered as a specified date rather than the date being created?
Yes. Customer and Vendor invoices can be posted to any date within any open period.

Can a balance sheet and/or income statement be generated at any date?
Yes. A variety of reports can be generated for any date in any period.

Can you set your own accounting periods/calendar?
Yes. Each period is set up to reflect your company’s specific reporting calendar.

Is it possible to add general ledger accounts?
Yes. General ledger account names and numbers are customizable based on your requirements.

Are there user permission options?
Yes. Permissions are controlled by your onsite administrator giving access to information as you select.

Is there an outstanding check function for bank reconciliation purposes?
Yes. Dealer Choice allows you to run reconciliation reports specific to single or multiple accounts within a given time frame or date range. The uniqueness of the report is that you are able to view those outstanding checks and you are able to interact directly with the report to flag the check as cleared.

Can trial balances be run for specific or group accounts for a given period?
Yes. Trial balances can be run on single or multiple accounts within one report run. Trial balances can be run within a date range or on one or more periods.